Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Solar powered Scarecrow and First Run Movies at Airports

This past week was super busy, packing for our 2 month trip and preparing the house since we are renting it out...

Anyway, I didn't have time to blog in details, but ideas are still flowing...  Just to name a few:

  • Solar powered scarecrow - we have random birds pecking our roof and it is annoying.  I am imagining something like the Roomba with solar panels and motion detection (and wireless webcam).  I heard other people have similar squirrels, raccoon problems too...
  • My wife Alison's idea making a guest appearance:  Theaters showing first run movies at the airport after security checks!  Encouraging people to arrive at the airport early to catch a movie as well as a flight!  For our non-US friends, we are urged to arrive at airport 3 hours before international flights and we usually just check-in and clear security and sit around the departure gate for an hour :-(

1 comment:

  1. Just curious, why are birds pecking your roof?